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BIM Modeling and Coordination:

Creating detailed 3D models of MEP systems and coordinating them with architectural and structural elements to identify and resolve clashes and conflicts.

MEP System Visualization:

Developing visual representations of MEP systems to assist stakeholders in understanding the design, layout, and functionality of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing components.

Clash Detection and Resolution

Using BIM tools to detect clashes and conflicts between MEP systems, enabling proactive resolution to prevent issues during construction.

Detailed Design Development:

Collaborating with engineers and designers to refine and develop detailed designs for MEP systems using BIM software.

Parametric Modeling:

Creating parametric families and components within BIM models to improve design flexibility and accuracy.

MEP System Analysis:

Performing simulations and analyses on MEP systems within BIM to optimize performance, energy efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

BIM Content Creation:

Developing customized BIM content, including families, components, and templates, tailored to specific project requirements.

Data Management and Integration:

Managing and integrating project data within the BIM environment, including specifications, material information, and performance data.

MEP System Documentation:

Generating construction documentation, including drawings, schedules, and reports, directly from BIM models to streamline the documentation process.

As-Built Modeling:

Updating BIM models to reflect as-built conditions during or after construction, providing accurate records for facility management.

BIM Coordination Meetings:

Facilitating coordination meetings among project stakeholders to review BIM models, resolve issues, and ensure alignment with project goals.

BIM for Prefabrication and Modularization:

Utilizing BIM to support prefabrication and modular construction processes, enhancing efficiency and quality control.

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Borum Engineering Logo MEP Engineering Consulting Firm
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